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Expertise in Oil & Gas Heat Transfer Systems

Our people are the bedrock of our company. Within them lies the expertise, knowledge and creative capability that allows us to create unique heat transfer solutions.

There are about 30 of us who each have their specific roles to play in bringing your heat transfer solution to life. None of those roles is more important than another; we need everyone to do an excellent job no matter what the task—and everyone does.

Below are some of the people you are likely to come into contact with in discussions about your heat transfer equipment needs.

Hy Pham – President & General Manager

Hy is responsible for higher-level project management, ensuring that tasks are delegated to get your heat transfer project completed. With years of industry experience, he is very knowledgeable about materials, welding, fabrication, design, cost considerations and documentation requirements. He is adept at translating technical jargon into plain language to ensure client specifications are met as well as at explaining technical concerns to clients during the design phase. Every heat transfer solution is important to Hy and he takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work and in serving clients. His intimate knowledge of process design enhances Petro-Tech’s competencies and ensures that Petro-Tech has the right people to meet all of our clients’ needs. Hy manages projects from start to finish.

Perry Leuschen – Estimator / Sales Manager

With 30 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist in Estimating, Sales, Project Management and Design, Perry thoroughly understands the client’s requirements and expectations while communicating the benefits and features of Petro-Tech products. He reviews engineering drawings, client specifications and commercial terms and conditions, estimates labour and material requirements, and monitors document flow. He provides continuity from the initial client request through to kick-off meetings and fabrication. With experience in design and fabrication of aerial coolers, shell & tube heat exchangers, as well as pumps, compressors and  mobile equipment, he brings sound technical knowledge and wide practical experience to  the table. Familiarity with control panels, instrumentation and metering, means he understands control systems required for large packages.

Vinod Namilakonda, M.Sc., P.Eng. – Project Engineer

Vinod is a licensed Mechanical Engineer specialized in heat transfer design and has worked for leading air-cooler, shell & tube, and hairpin heat exchanger fabrication companies in USA and Canada for over 10 years. With his expertise in using HTRI, combined with his strong background of mechanical design and cost estimation, he optimizes the designs to provide cost effective solutions to the customer’s heat transfer product requirements. With his EPC background, he is proficient with customer’s specifications and recognizes the importance of delivering products on time.

Agustin Angeli, P.Eng. – Project Manager & Engineer

Agustin is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 17 years. He has extensive experience in cost estimation, procurement and project management as well as a solid shop fabrication background. Drawing on his extensive experience, Agustin ensures that clients get the best solutions for their unique needs.

Hubert Liu, P. Eng. – Project Manager & Engineer

Hubert is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and has worked in the oil and gas industry, worldwide, for over 20 years. He manages projects in his areas of expertise which include Process Equipment, Natural Gas Compressor Packages, Drilling & Service Rigs and Heavy Equipment. A talented engineer, he advises clients on the best practical solutions for their needs, helping them achieve their goals in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.

James Solis, PMP – Project Manager & Engineer

James is a licensed Petroleum Engineer and certified Project Manager with over 5 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has managed and engineered oil and gas projects across Canada with experience in conventional, heavy oil, and offshore facilities. Leveraging his experience working for an operator, James understands client requirements and is committed to customer satisfaction ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Raylene Robertson/Cathy Guo/Hong Dang/Talia Hillmer

– Accounting Department

Our Accounting Department personnel have been dedicated to Petro-Tech since its inception and they have an in-depth understanding of our business and our clients. Our day-to-day problem solvers, they are responsible for administration, bookkeeping and dealing with suppliers as well as organizing project documentation.

Jack Wang/Andy Wang – Drafting & Piping Design

Jack and Andy are skilled in all major software applications, such as CadWorx, AutoCAD, Auto-plant, PDS and several others. They are capable of modelling all areas of downstream projects, including complete oil and gas, chemical and process plant modelling and both are proficient in project management. Their experience also includes designing heat exchangers and piping to ASME and TEMA standards.

Thanh Dang – Shop Foreman

Thanh is an important part of our shop, assigning jobs and managing their progress, monitoring and purchasing supplies for the shop, and ensuring adherence to safety standards. His solid work ethic and positive approach to work make him an excellent leader who ensures projects are completed to satisfaction.

Justin Park – Quality Control Manager

Justin works with our engineers, drafting personnel and skilled shop employees, ensuring that finished products are completed and delivered to our customers following high industry standards as documented in our Quality Control Manual. On a day-to-day basis, he communicates with our Authorized Inspector and Third Party Inspectors, processing quality control documentation and obtaining our ultimate goal—producing the highest quality heat transfer equipment in the industry.

Stephen Iyoha – Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Stephen has extensive training within the manufacturing industry which gives him the knowledge required to work with all employees, inspectors, contractors and visitors, ensuring that everyone has a safe work experience while on Petro-Tech’s premises. Safety is one of our highest priorities and performing tasks with safe work practises will ensure Petro-Tech achieves its safety goals. Stephen continually strives to improve our safety program by updating training and awareness within Petro-Tech.

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